Deborah Norris

Psychologist in Residence
Department of Psychology

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    Adjunct Professor of Psychology
  • Dr. Deborah Norris is Executive Director of Science for Health Energy, Inc. and Founder of The Mindfulness Center in Bethesda Md. She previously taught in the Psychiatry Department at Georgetown University Medical School, and in the Health/Fitness Department at AU. Dr. Norris worked for 15 years as a health scientist specializing in neurotoxicology and environmental illnesses at the USEPA.
    Dr. Norris teaches and conducts research in behavioral medicine. She has intensive training in Gestalt Psychotherapy, meditation and hypnosis. Integrating studies of mind and body, Dr. Norris is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and a certified fitness instructor with the Arthritis Foundation. In over 30 years as a health scientist, she has explored healing modalities from bioenergy to long-term fasting.
    Dr. Norris maintains a private practice specializing in mind-body-spirit therapies. In her practice, Dr. Norris integrates lifestyle elements of physical exercise, meditation, spiritual development, relaxation therapy, energy work, guided imagery, nutrition and herbalism for maximal health and happiness!
  • Degrees

    PhD/MA, Psychology/Psychopharmacology, American University
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Partnerships & Affiliations

  • National Guild of Hypnotists

    Certified Hypnotherapist 2005-Present

  • John's Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing

    Consultant/Grant reviewer 2005

  • U.S. Green Building Council

    Federal Government Green Building Workgroup Member  


  • Fall 2015

    • GNED-250 General Education Area 5 Topic: Intro to Mind Body Medicine
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Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Research Interests

Integrative/Alternative Medicine, Mind-Body-Spirit therapies, Meditation, Relaxation Training, Awareness Training, Behavioral Medicine, Healing Arts and Sciences, Psychopharmacology and Neurotoxicology


Professional Presentations

  •                             Norris, DO., "Neurobiology of Meditation: A Clinical Intervention for treating Heart Disease, Cancer and Diabetes", Sept, 2009.                   
  •                 Norris, DO., “Mindfulness Meditation”, NIH CORE Week, National Institutes of Health, February 10, 2009.                   
  •                 Norris, DO.  “Healing: What’s Missing in Your Health Care”, Keynote Address, The OneGroup North American Conference, October 25, 2008.                   
  •                 Norris, DO.  “The Power of Positive Thinking”, NHLBI, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Md. July 10, 2008.                   
  •                 Norris, DO.  “Exercise Prescription for Treatment of Chronic Illnesses”, ECA World Fitness Conference, NYC, March, 2002.                   
  •                 Norris, DO. “Clinical Exercise Prescription”.  American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, Southern and Eastern District Association, Baltimore MD, February, 2002.                   
  •                 Norris DO, Chairperson, Symposium on the Neurotoxicity of Chemical Mixtures.   U.S. Environmental Protection  Agency, Arlington, VA, April 27, 2000.                   
  •                 Crofton KM, Sette WF, Norris DO. “Summarizing the results of neurotoxicity testing: Database development and characteristics.”  35th Ann. Meeting of the Society of Toxicology, Anaheim, CA, 1996.                   
  •                 Crofton KM, Sette WF, Norris DO. “Summarizing the results of neurotoxicity testing: Phase One - Database development and characteristics.”  Annual Meeting of the International Neurotoxicology Association, Port Ludlow, WA., June, 1995.                       

Media Appearances

  • Emotional Wellness with Dr. Deborah Norris, Wellness TV Show, ( Oct 16, 2007.
  • Stress Management, Wellness TV Show, (, Dec 16, 2007.
  • Spiritual Wellness, Wellness TV Show, (, Nov 4, 2007.

Professional Services

  •                             Expert on science, research and clinical use of integrative, complementary and alternative medical therapies.                   
  •                 Expert Psychopharmacologist/Toxicologist consulting on legal cases regarding the effects of medicinal drug (such as anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, pain medications), drugs of abuse (including alcohol, cocaine, PCP, heroin, and marijuana) and chemicals with neurotoxic potential.                   
  •                 Provides expert advisement on the mechanism of action and behavioral effects of typical “date-rape” drugs; and on the uses and medical effects of medicinal drugs; as well as neurotoxic substances such as lead, mercury and other heavy metals, and numerous solvents and other industrial chemicals.                   
  •                 Development of scientifically sound litigation positions, testimony, and the critique of expert toxicology reports and depositions and analysis and interpretation of scientific literature.                   
  •                 Admitted in Washington, District of Columbia Superior Court; U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia; Virginia Beach, Virginia Circuit Court; Fairfax Circuit Court, Virginia; Dare County, Chicago Trial Court; and New York Supreme Court.                   
  •                 Expert witness for defense/plaintiff, civil/criminal, and as a pre trial consultant for depositions/administrative hearings/affidavits.               

Honors, Awards, and Fellowships

  • USEPA Science Achievement Award in Chemistry, 2009
  • USEPA Silver Medal for Lead Hazards of Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule, 2007
  • USEPA Teamwork Award: Carbon Nanotube Low Volume Exemption Review, 2006
  • USEPA Bronze Medal for Lead Hazards of Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule, 2006
  • U.S.E.P.A. Service Award for Lead (Pb) Health Assessment, 2005
  • American University Adjunct Professor of the Year Award, 2004
  • U.S.E.P.A. Unsung Hero Award for work with Autistic Children, 2004
  • U.S.E.P.A./OPPT Teamwork Award, 1998
  • U.S.E.P.A./OPPT Mission Award, 1997
  • U.S.E.P.A. Science Achievement Award in Health Science, 1996       

Professional Certifications

  • Personal Trainer, American College of Sports Medicine,1997-Present
  • Exercise Physiologist, American Council on Exercise,1998
  • Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program, 1998
  • Gestalt Psychotherapy Training: Theory and Practice, 2003
  • Kickboxing Instructor, AFAA, 2004
  • Reconnective Healing, Eric Pearl, 2004


  • "Meditation for Health: Introduction”, by Deborah Norris, Ph.D.

Executive Experience

  • Administrative Director, Olin Conservation, Inc., Great Falls, Va.  1980-1990.
  • Executive Director, Science for Health & Energy, Inc., Bethesda, Md. 2003-Present.
  • Founder and Director, The Mindfulness Center, Bethesda, Md. 2009-Present.

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