Declan Fahy

Assistant Professor
School of Communication

  • Declan Fahy has been a full-time faculty member in SOC’s journalism division since 2010. His core research interests are new methods, means and models of science journalism; the journalistic reporting of knowledge and complexity; and the media portrayal of scientists as celebrities and public intellectuals. He has subsidiary research interests in financial journalism and science in popular culture, particularly the media portrayal of chemists and chemistry.

    His scholarship has been published in Journalism, Journalism Studies, Nature Chemistry, Science Communication, Health Promotion Practice and Irish Communications Review. His recent journalism has appeared online at the Columbia Journalism Review. He has worked as a journalist for the Irish Times and Irish Daily Mirror newspapers. He previously taught at Dublin City University. His Twitter handle is: @fahydeclan
  • Degrees

    BA Dublin City University (Journalism); MSc Dublin City University (Science Communication); PhD Dublin City University (Communications)
  • Favorite Spot on Campus:

    The library's quiet floor.

    Book Currently Reading:

    Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

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  • Fall 2014

    • COMM-535 Special Topics in News Media: Health/Environmental Reporting
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Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Selected Publications

Fahy, D. (2012). Media Made Hawking Famous. The Observatory. Columbia Journalism Review. 11 January.

Fahy, D. (2011). Skeptical of Science. The Observatory. Columbia Journalism Review. 28 September.

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Media Appearances

Catanzaro, M. (2012, 8 January). La estrella del 'Big Bang'. el Periodico. p35

Revkin, A. (2011, 28 September). Reliable Sources in an Age of Too Much Information. Dot Earth blog. The New York Times.

Catanzaro, M. (2010, November 7). Universos infinits sense Deu. el Periodico. p10-11

Vergano, D. (2010, September 7). Hawking book explains creation of universe minus God. USA Today.

Professional Presentations

Fahy, D. (2011). Richard Dawkins: A critical case study of the celebrity scientist. Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2011. St Louis, Missouri. 12 August.

Fahy, D. (2011). Science communication in Europe. Invited presentation at The National Academies 72nd Ocean Studies Board Meeting. The National Academies, Washington, D.C. 29 March.

Fahy, D. (2008). Expert authority and claims making in the knowledge society: An analysis of print media coverage of the Irish workplace smoking ban. Irish Media Research Network Annual Conference, NUI Maynooth, Ireland, 20 September.

Miller, S., Višnjevac, A., Gohinho, A., Poupardin, E., Fahy, D., & Trench, B. (2008). How can dialogue and debate feature in science communication training? Public Communication of Science and Technology 10th Annual Conference, Malmo, Sweden, 27 June.

Fahy, D., Trench, B., & Clancy, L. (2007).  Analysis of print media coverage of the Irish workplace smoking ban: Lessons from the campaign for tobacco control in EU. ECToH07, 4th European Conference Tobacco or Health 2007, Basel, Switzerland, 11 October.

Fahy, D. (2007). ESCW – a model of science communication training for scientists. University College London, Department of Science and Technology Studies, 5th Annual Research Day, 22 May.

Fahy, D. (2007). Celebrity scientists: How is Stephen Hawking like David Beckham? Science/Society Conference, Dublin City University, Ireland, 19 January.

AU Expert

Area of Expertise: Health, science, and environmental journalism; science communication; celebrity and communication; financial journalism; Irish and British media systems; mass media reporting of the European Union

Additional Information: Declan Fahy is an assistant professor in health, science and environmental journalism at the School of Communication, where his current research focuses on science journalism, science communication, and the mass media representation of famous scientists. He has undertaken research projects that analyzed media coverage of the Irish workplace tobacco ban, opinion and commentary journalism, business journalism, and the reporting of the European Union. His research appears in the scholarly journals Science Communication; Public Understanding of Science; Health Promotion Practice; Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism; Journalism Studies; and Irish Communications Review. Fahy has worked as a reporter for the Irish Times, Irish Daily Mirror, and the Longford Leader and holds a BA (journalism), an MSc (science communication), and a PhD (communication) degrees from Dublin City University, Ireland.

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