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My job as a professor includes extending understanding of the world through research, sharing this with students through teaching, and serving the university, profession, and broader community.

Mark Clark

Associate Professor Department of Management

Dr. Clark has expertise in high performing teams, leadership, diversity, and strategic human capital. His current research projects include work in team knowledge sharing, cybersecurity knowledge networks, team adaptation, multiteam system innovation, leadership, and stigmatized occupations. His field research engages a variety of organizations, including medical, design, and sports teams, high-tech companies, and entrepreneurial startups. Dr. Clark's work has been published in top academic outlets, including the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Human Resource Management, and Group Dynamics, and has been presented at conferences and workshops around the world. Before earning his Ph.D., Professor Clark gained a variety of experiences in public and private sector management, as a consultant, program director, trainer, treatment specialist, and board member. His clients have included some of the largest – and some of the smallest – companies in the world. He has been a visiting scholar at Instituto de Empresa (Madrid), ISCTE (Portugal), and Erasmus University (Rotterdam). At Kogod, Professor Clark's courses include "Leading High Performance Teams,” "Management of Organizations and Human Capital," "Leading Organizational Change," "Organization and Social Network Analysis," and “Strategic Human Capital Management."


Ph.D., Arizona State University (Business Management); M.A., Ohio State University (Policy & Leadership); B.S., Eastern Michigan University, (Psychology)

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Research Interests

Professor Clark's research centers on team performance, investigating the operation of knowledge networks, cybersecurity, leadership, time, culture, diversity, and strategic human capital practices. He conducts these projects in field settings, including private sector firms, sports and design teams, entrepreneurship incubators, and medical innovation contexts.


Media Appearances

Selected Media:

NY Observer, June 2015 "BernieMania" (business tax and motivation)

Gazette News, March 2015

Various TV news, Jan 2015 "Minimum Wage"

Sinclair Group, Nov 2014 "Wage Stagnation", appeared on 18 TV news stations across USA.

Kogod Now, Fall 2012. "In Knowledge Management, Shoot for the Moon." View article

Washington Business Journal, Nov 2012. "Patraeus Future in Corporate America." View article 

Kogod Now, Fall 2011. "From Victim to Survivor." View article

Washington Business Journal, Oct 2011. "CEO turnover " View article 

Washington Post (November 2010) (February 2010)

Boston Globe (July 2009)

O&P Business Journal (Sept 2009)

MSNBC (December 2008)

New Jersey Herald-Ledger (February 2008)

Washington Business Journal (February 2008) (Dec 2007)

San Diego Union-Tribune (July 2004)

Wired magazine (Feb 2003)

Workplace magazine (Mar 2003)

Cincinnati Enquirer (Feb 2012; July 2002)

Knoxville News Sentinel (Feb 2002)


Selected Publications

Congruence work in stigmatized occupations: A managerial lens on employee fit with Dirty Work.  Ashforth, Kreiner, Clark, & Fugate (in press, 2017). Journal of Organizational Behavior.

"The changing role of the patient in the healthcare team: Factors influencing decisions to follow and lead." Clark & Buljac-Samardzic (in press, 2017). In N. Chatwini (Ed.) Distributed Leadership: The Dynamics of Balancing Leadership with Followership, Palgrave Macmillan.

"Achieving coordinated care for complex cancer patients: A multi-team system approach." Lee, Clark, Cox, Needles, Seigel, Akpan, & Balasubramanian (2016). Journal of Oncology Practice.

Team familiarity networks, coordination and performance: Challenges and preliminary results of a knowledge network approach. with Espinosa, Clark, & Nordback (2016, July). Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research (INGRoup) conference, Helsinki, Finland.

"How today’s shocks predict tomorrow’s leaving.” Holtom, Goldberg, Allen, & Clark (2016) Journal of Business & Psychology.

“The Pipeline Project: Pre-publication independent replications of a single laboratory’s research pipeline.” with Schweinsberg et al. (2016). Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. (Special issue “Rigorous and Replicable Methods in Social Psychology”).

"Team Knowledge Representation: A Network Perspective" with J.A. Espinosa (2014). Human Factors, 56(2): 333-348

"Do Good, Make Good: The business support landscape of social entrepreneurship" with J. Keyton & A.E. Dawson (2013) in Wankel & Pate (Eds.) Social Entrepreneurship as a Catalyst for Social Change. Information Age Publishing.

"Leading from the helm: Lessons from America's Cup sailing teams." (2013). In E. Salas (Ed.) Developing and Enhancing High-Performance Teams: Evidence-based Practices and Advice. SIOP Professional Practice Book. Wiley: Pfeiffer.

"Team Knowledge: Dimensional structure and network representation." with J.A. Espinosa (2011). In E. Salas, S. Fiore, & M. Letsky (Eds.) Theories of Team Cognition: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives. Routledge Academic: New York.

"Speaking up: A Conceptual Model of Voice Responses Following the  Unfair Treatment of Others in Non-Union Settings" with C. Goldberg & A. Henley (2011) in Human Resource Management.

"The effect of the leader's implicit beliefs on team empowerment" (2011), Interdisciplinary Network  of Groups Researchers.

"Navigating the Team: Case Scenarios of Leadership Coaching Styles in the America’s Cup" with E. Hall (2010) in The International Journal of Sport & Society.

"Facilitating Inclusion: Study Circles on Diversity and Achievement" with J. Landesman (2010) in The IAF Handbook of Group Facilitation: Working with Difficult Groups.

"Factors and Outcomes Associated with Ongoing Participation of  Underserved Cancer Survivors in a Fitness & Support Group at an  Urban Hospital"  with T. King & C.D. Clark (2010), American Institute for Cancer Research.

"Shocks to the  System: Sustaining Team Performance" (2010), Interdisciplinary Network  of Groups Researchers.


Professional Services

Professional Experience Professor Clark's background includes experience in consulting, team facilitation, training, community development, program administration, sales, and social work.  

AU Expert

Area of Expertise: Team performance, work groups, diversity, knowledge management, stigmatized occupations, organizational culture, organizational behavior, human capital and human resource management

Additional Information: Mark Clark has a variety of management experiences, as a supervisor, team leader, employee, trainer, researcher, and consultant. His clients have ranged from corporate boards to juvenile delinquent treatment groups. Recent presentations include: "Factors and Outcomes Associated with Ongoing Participation of Underserved Cancer Survivors in a Fitness & Support Group at an Urban Hospital" at the American Institute for Cancer Research annual conference with T. King and C. D. Clark (2010, October);  "Shocks to the System: Sustaining Team Performance" to the Interdisciplinary Network of Groups Researchers (2010); "Team Intelligence: Awareness and self-regulation that drive individual performance." with A. Richter & T. Wernsing (July, 2010); "On the Interplay between Team Explicit and Implicit Coordination Processes" with R. Rico, C. Gibson, M. Sanchez (July, 2009); “Knowledge in Geographically Dispersed Teams: Dimensions, Representation and Team Boundaries,” at the Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative Conference (2008); “America’s Cup: Structuring Team Leadership,” at the Eastern Academy of Management proceedings (2008); and “You, Me or We? Identity and Unfair Treatment in Groups,” to the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (2008).
Articles and chapters of note include: "Team Knowledge: Dimensional Structure and Network Representation" with A. Espinosa, forthcoming in Theories of Team Cognition: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives; "Speaking up: A Conceptual Model of Voice Responses Following the Unfair Treatment of Others in Non-Union Settings" with C. Goldberg and A. Henley, forthcoming in Human Resource Management; "Navigating the Team: Case Scenarios of Leadership Coaching Styles in the America’s Cup" with E. Hall in The International Journal of Sport & Society (2010); "Facilitating Inclusion: Study Circles on Diversity and Achievement" with J. Landesman in The IAF Handbook of Group Facilitation: Working with Difficult Groups (2010); "Coordination in Global Teams," in the Handbook of 21st Century Management (2008); "Normalizing Dirty Work: Managerial Tactics for Countering Occupational Stigma," in the Academy of Management Journal (2007); "Experiencing Strategy: A Multi-Exercise Program," in the Journal of the Academy of Business Education (2005); "Chief Purchasing Officer Compensation: An Analysis of Organization and Human Capital Effects," in the International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management (2003); "Designing Workteams: The Role of Knowledge Distribution," in the Journal of Managerial Issues (2002); "Cross-Functional Team Decision-Making and Learning Outcomes: A Qualitative Illustration," in the Journal of Business and Management (2002); "Substantive and Operational Issues of Response Bias Across Levels of Analysis: An Example of Climate-Satisfaction Relationships," in the Journal of Applied Psychology, (2001); "Maintaining an Internal Market: Antecedents of Willingness to Move," in the Journal of Vocational Behavior (2000); and "Resolving Meaning: Interpretation in Diverse Decision-Making Groups," in Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice.

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