Nancy Zeller

  • Additional Positions at AU

    Director, Biology Teaching Laboratories
  • Dr. Zeller's research centers on developing interactive laboratory experiences to heighten interest and awareness of the scientific process and biological principles. She has developed lab exercises for all ages from elementary students to undergraduates. For example, she has prepared laboratories on the structure and function of DNA for fifth graders and organized the General Biology I manual so it begins with defining genes and how they work. Her training was in Molecular Biology, and she has written Laboratory Manuals for three different Biology courses.
  • Degrees

    PhD, Department of Microbiology, School of Dental Surgery University of Maryland, Baltimore
    BS, Biology, Pennsylvania State University

  • CAS - Dean's Office
  • Mary Graydon - 327A

  • (202) 885-2191 (Office)
  • (202) 885-2182 (Fax)
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Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Executive Experience

  • (1990) Director, Biology Teaching Laboratories, Department of Biology American University
  • (1988) Adjunct Professor, Department of Biology, Georgetown University
  • (1981) Senior Staff Fellow, Laboratory of Molecular Genetics, NINCDS National Institutes of Health
  • (1980) Staff Fellow, Laboratory of Tumor Virus Genetics, National Cancer Institute National Institutes of Health
  • (1978) Post-Doctorate, Departments of Pathology and Biochemistry, University of Florida

Selected Publications

  • Zeller, N.K., and M.K. Schwartz. General Biology Laboratories: Evolution and the Kingdoms. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co. Dubuque, 1996.
  • Zeller, N.K. Experiments for General Biology. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co: Dubuque, 1996.
  • Keider, B., N.K. Zeller, R.A. Lazzarini, S. Shuman, F.A. McMorris, and D. Pleasure: Inverse effects of cyclic AMP on synthesis of a myelin glycoprotein and myelin glycoprotein and myelin glycolipid J. Neurosci 1988.
  • Kristensson, K., K.V. Holmes, C.S. Duchala, N.K. Zeller, R.A. Lazzarini, and M. Dubois-Dalcq: Increased levels of myelin basic protein transcripts in virus- induced demyelination. Nature 322: 544-547, 1986.

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