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  • Spring 2016

    • HPRM-585 Global Health Policy (3): Global Health Policy
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Area of Expertise: Health promotion and health-care cost containment for multinational corporations, global health policy, health-promotion programs for international and underserved urban populations, health-care reform, employee health-promotion programs, exercise physiology, chronic health conditions (obesity, heart disease, stress, etc.), health and fitness trends, sports psychology

Additional Information: Robert C. Karch
, a member of the AU faculty since 1969, is executive director and founder of the National Center for Health Fitness and the International Institute for Health Promotion—a global network of leaders in health-promotion. He is also founder and director of the master of science program in health-promotion management as well as of the bachelor of science program in health promotion. Spearheading a global effort in the field of health promotion programming, research, and communication, Karch is an expert on employee health and fitness programs; the design, implementation, operation, and evaluation of health-promotion programs for corporations and government agencies; health and fitness trends; and the health-promotion aspects of health-care reform. He has facilitated several expert panels on a project for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to address obesity issues in the workplace, with a focus on small businesses .He recently coedited with Wolf Kirsten Global Perspective in Workplace Health Promotion (Jones and Bartlett Learning), a 21-country review of workplace health-promotion policies and programs. He has published numerous articles, delivered presentations throughout the United States and in more than 20 other countries, and made numerous TV and radio appearances. Karch serves or has served on numerous national boards, including the board of the American Council on Exercise, where he was chair for a year, and of the National Fitness Leaders Association. He has served on the Science Advisory Board for the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.

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