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Ashley Rozendaal

Assistant Director, Student-Athletes, ASAC Academic Support and Access Center

Ashley Rozendaal is the Assistant Director of the Academic Support and Access Center where she oversees the Student-Athlete Support Program. The Student-Athlete Support Program provides academic support and life skills development for all student-athletes in partnership with the Academic Support and Access Center and Department of Athletics. Rozendaal joined the Academic Support and Access Center staff in August 2011 after serving as an academic advisor in the School of Communication for 3 years. The fall of 2015 marks the start of Rozendaal's 9th year at American University.

Rozendaal has earned both a bachelors degree in Communications/Public Relations from George Mason University and a Master of Science degree in Academic Advising/Student-Athlete Advising from Kansas State University. During her time at George Mason, Rozendaal competed as a Division I hammer, weight, and discus thrower. Rozendaal currently plays left guard for the DC Divas full contact women's football team, which won the national championship in August 2015. Prior to her career at American University, Rozendaal was the Director of Men’s and Women’s Basketball Operations at Dartmouth College.

With a passion for sports, Rozendaal hopes to help her students obtain their dreams while teaching them that everything is possible with proper time management and dedication!


BA in Communication, Public Relations and MS in Academic Advising, Student-Athlete Advising

Favorite Spot on Campus
Gardens next to Bender Arena
Academic Support and Access Center
Sports Center - 206
9am-5pm, Monday through Friday
Contact Info
(202) 885-3185

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