Stephen Behrens

Part Time Staff
School of Communication

  • Steve came to SOC in January 2011 along with four colleagues who put out Current: For people in public media, the main news source about the core of public media — public TV and radio. Current aims to expand coverage of newer online forms of public media as they develop. Steve co-founded the nonprofit, biweekly newspaper in 1980, launched its website in 1995 and helped bring Current to SOC — a good fit because the school, its J-Lab and its Center for Social Media have been analyzing related media developments. Since his days as editor of The Eagle at AU, Steve has edited periodicals, including a weekly in Fairfax, Va., and the national member paper for an environmental nonprofit. During a break from Current in the 1980s, he served as senior editor of Channels, a magazine about electronic media, in New York. Steve returned to Current in 1991. He loves writing, photography, WordPress, Vietnamese food, Norwegian cheese, Czech typefaces and parrots.
  • Degrees

    B.A., Communication, American University
  • Favorite Spot on Campus:

    (Close to campus) top of reservoir, facing mountains from Tenleytown

  • SOC - School of Communication
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