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Eric Gordon

Assistant Director Evening Services University Library

Additional Positions at AU

  • Assistant Director Audio & Video Systems & Services Group
Eric Gordon, the Assistant Director Audio & Video Systems & Services, began working for the group in 1986 while pursuing a degree in Audio Technology. In 1993, he completed a BS in Audio Technology with a minor in Anthropology. Eric continues to explore music and technology by occasionally teaching courses in the Audio Technology Program. He is also a nightclub DJ, music podcaster for IndieFeed networks, and a music producer. As a member of the University Library, Eric assists both faculty and staff with classroom and event technology as well as doing Audio for special events. Eric also enjoys cooking and the study of food and culture.


BS in Audio Technology with a minor in Anthropology

Book Currently Reading
Salt by Mark Kurlansky
University Library
Anderson - LL B-43
Contact Info
(202) 885-2246

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