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Ali Erol

Professorial Lecturer

Ali Ersen Erol is currently a Professorial Lecturer in the School of International Service. Previously they taught at Howard University, where they received their Ph.D. in Culture & Communication in 2013. Erol's research focuses on queer theory, politics of sexuality and gender, as well as critical linguistics. Their current book project focuses on queer imaginations of time, space, and affect in the wake of Gezi Park Protests that took place in Turkey in the summer of 2013. Their articles were published in International Journal of Communication, Journal of Language and Social Psychology, Journal of Narrative and Conflict, Unrest, and International Political Anthropology. In addition to their academic work, Erol also takes part in creative projects, which at the moment include a movie script and a short sci-fi story. Last but not least, Erol is a part-time Jedi, making them more skilled in the use of force and of the lightsaber than anyone who is not at least a full-time Jedi.


Ph.D., Communication & Culture, Howard University, M.S., Conflict Analysis & Resolution, George Mason University B.A., Philosophy, Penn State University B.A., International Politics, Penn State University

Favorite Spot on Campus
no static place, rather walking around
Languages Spoken
Turkish, English, Spanish, and a tad of Albanian.
SIS-School of Intl Service
East Quad Bldg - 307
They are posted on my door @ EQB307
Contact Info

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