Jelena Kmezic

  • Jelena Kmezic worked at CTRL part-time as Advanced Statistical Trainer from 2009-2012. In November 2012, she resumed position of Academic Technology Applications Trainer in CTRLs Research Support Group (RSG). Jelena provides High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster support for faculty and student user by delivering end-user administration of the HPC cluster, including user account creation, scheduling of HPC resources, training on application use, and creating and maintaining application documentation and tutorials. In addition she coordinates emerging technology initiatives with respect to Virtual Computing (VC) and seeks areas of cross-fertilization between HPC and VC initiatives.
    Jelena is pursuting a doctorate degree in Economics at AU. Jelena is working in agent-based modeling with applications to wealth inequality and to epidemiology. Her research interests include Econophysics, Econometrics, and Monetary Policy.
  • Degrees

    MA Economics, The George Washington Unviersity
    BA Economics, University of Minnesota

  • Centr Teach Research Learning
  • Hurst - 203A

  • (202) 885-2797
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