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Christina Murray

Assistant Director AU Abroad

AU Abroad
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(202) 885-1328

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Area of Expertise:

U.S. foreign policy, 2001 AUMF, 2002 AUMF, war in Afghanistan, war in Iraq, terrorism, presidential authority, executive authority, U.S. military force

Additional Information:

Shoon Murray writes about the American foreign policy political process. Her most recent books are The Terror Authorization: The History and Politics of the 2001 AUMF (June 2014) and Mission Creep: The Militarization of US Foreign Policy (co-editor with Gordon Adams, December 2014). Her work has appeared in venues such as International Studies Quarterly, Public Opinion Quarterly, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Foreign Policy Analysis, and elsewhere. She has written about US adjustment to global power shifts and diffusion, the press coverage leading up to the war in Iraq, the political consequences of September 11th, the effect of polls on presidential behavior, public reactions to military force and the “rally ‘round the flag phenomenon,” and the role of values and partisanship in American leaders’ belief systems.

Media Relations
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