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Bharat Krishnan delivers political analysis on Election Day 2008.

Bharat Krishnan

Political Science

I am a senior at American University and a democratic operative. My strengths are in the areas of Targeting, Database Management, Finance, and Research. After volunteering extensively on Obama for America, I interned at the DNC and later worked at Catalist for over a year. Additionally, I have provided consulting services to several candidates. Most recently, I served as Database Manager on Raj Goyle's congressional campaign in Kansas where I maintained and generated donor lists that yielded over $300,000 for the campaign. This semester, I am interning at Murphy Putnam Media.
Aside from politics, I enjoy working out, songwriting, and baseball.


Political Science, Religion

Student Organizations
SPA Leadership
Internships Currently/Previously Held
Catalist, Murphy Putnam Media
Favorite Spot on Campus
The part of the Quad near Kay
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