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Cason Cherry, MBA '11, Social Statistics

Cason Cherry

Business Administration

Mr. Cherry is a recent MBA graduate, concentrating in Social Statistics. His academic and research interests include labor efficiency and productivity, and behavioral and organizational alignment through the use of statistical methodologies. Mr. Cherry currently works at VSE Corporation, and primarily implements: data management and governance techniques, HR process analysis and automation, HR KPI, and various analytical methodologies using both descriptive and inferential statistics. Since May of 2011, he and his team have been working to improve overall people-related data quality, from capture to analysis, in order to more efficiently and effectively trend VSE’s workforce, conduct robust analysis, and make recommendations regarding VSE’s demographic mix.

From 2008 to 2011, he supported VSE’s corporate wide HR strategies through implementation of various programs and support systems. To date, he has provided key support, developed or implemented analytical approaches and programs in the areas of: crisis management, pre-employment screening and medical physicals, substance abuse prevention and awareness, performance management, progressive discipline and risk resilience.


B.Sc. '07, Mount Olive College (Dual Degree: Business Management & Human Resources Management); MBA '11, American University (Conc.: Social Statistics)

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