Emily Kvalheim

BA - International Stud & Pol Sci: Comparative Politics

  • Emily is a University Honors Program student majoring in Political Science and International Studies. She also studies Leadership and has served as the Deputy Director of Community Building for the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program. Emily values social justice and community service. In her free time, she has volunteered for several different organizations on a regular basis.
  • Degrees

    International Studies; Political Science
  • Student Organizations:

    School of Public Affairs Leadership Program
    AU CRU
  • Leadership Position Currently Held:

    AU CRU, Vice President
  • Internships Currently/Previously Held:

    Senator Sherrod Brown's Office; West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church Next Generations Leadership Ministry Intern; National Coalition for the Homeless; DC Jobs with Justice
  • Languages Spoken:

    Proficient in Spanish; completed Introduction to Spanish Translation

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