Kathryn Quissell

Public Administration

  • For most of her professional career Kathryn has worked to promote evidence-based health policy, both domestically and globally. In this work she encountered a common frustration: political will to address women's health issues was often lacking, and little was known about the dynamics of the policymaking process, how these dynamics varied across countries, and how advocates could ultimately influence these processes. This frustration inspired Kathryn to study the politics of health policymaking. Currently, her research investigates: (1) what makes some global health policy networks more effective than others in garnering resources and attention for their issues; (2) what is the influence of disease-related stigma on agenda setting and resource allocation; and (3) how does emotion and moral judgment influence an individual's willingness to provide treatment to stigmatized patients and social groups.
  • Degrees

    BA, Northwestern University
    MSc, London School of Economics
    MPH, Columbia University

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