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Melissa Chang

Interdisc Std: Comm, Legal Institutions, Economics, Govt

I am in the School of Public Affairs as well as the Honors Program and the Leadership Program. With a strong interest in constitutional law, I worked a legal assistant for an appellate attorney on search and seizure cases after my freshman year, and I currently TA for a class on civil rights and liberties. As I am also passionate about helping others engage in experiential education and multiculturalism, I have created both a youth empowerment program for middle schoolers in Anacostia, DC, and I am working on a project where AU students volunteer to teach basic computer skills in Spanish to our campus' Spanish-speaking custodial staff, in turn, fostering an exchange of culture and language, to build a stronger community. After hopefully going to law school, I hope to lend my enthusiasm and organizational skills to public service.


BA expected in 2012

Favorite Spot on Campus
Smithsonian Natural History Museum
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