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Zachary Baldwin

Zach is a sophomore at American University, coming from the great state of Vermont (the Barre/Montpelier area) where he enjoys running and skiing in the great outdoors. This past summer, Zach interned at OutrightVT, a non-profit in Vermont that supports LGBT youth. Among other things with this internship, he also worked as a counselor at the first ever queer camp in Vermont. Currently Zach is double majoring in political science and sociology with the hope that these degrees will allow him to address social issues (primarily LGBT rights) through a position with the government or a non-profit organization. Other than academics, Zach is also involved serving as a member of the SPA Leadership Program Steering Committee as the Alumni Coordinator, a panelist for the GLBTA Resource Center’s Rainbow Speaker’s Bureau, and an advisor for the GLBTA Resource Center’s Spectrum program. Zach also occasionally works with the Community Service Coalition, is a member of Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, and works as a server at District 2 Bar & Grille. When he is not doing any of the aforementioned activities Zach likes to just relax and hang out with his friends.


Political Science, Sociology

Student Organizations
SPA Leadership Program
Rainbow Speaker's Bureau, Spectrum
Leadership Position Currently Held
SPA Leadership Program Alumni Coordinator
Internships Currently/Previously Held
OutrightVT (Summer 2011)
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