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Publish Your Work

American University provides a number of opportunities for undergraduates to publish their work.

The School of International Service and School of Public Affairs publishes the undergraduate journal Clocks and Clouds, which includes articles on political science, international relations, and public policy.

The Philosophy Department publishes Pharmakon, which is open to all undergraduate students of any field of study and serves as a forum for discussion about philosophy and its application across disciplines.

The university sponsors a number of undergraduate publications, including AmLit, American Word, The Eagle, AWOL, and Her Campus. Students can express other creative work through ATV, Photo Collective, and WVAU. All of these venues can be found through the AU Student Media Hub.

We also encourage students to pursue opportunities outside of the university and support their efforts to publish research through these outlets. Members of any honors program at AU are eligible to submit their work to UReCA, the National Collegiate Honor Council's Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity.

AU's support of conference participation and ability to fund travel for undergraduates further supports our students' ability to hone their research in pursuit of publication.