Academic Affairs | Library Faculty Manual Table of Contents


  • Office of Academic Affairs
    Leonard, Room Lower Level

Mailing Address


General Information

  1. A Brief History of American University 
  2. The University and The Methodist Church 
  3. Statement of Common Purpose
  4. Academic Freedom at American University

University Organization and Policy-Making

  1. Administrative Organization of the Library
  2. Academic Policy-Making Bodies
    1. Board of Trustees
    2. The Faculty Senate
    3. Educational Policy Committees and University Library Councils
  1. Structure for Handling Faculty Appointments, Reappointments, Promotion, Tenure, and Grievances
    1. Teaching Unit or Library Rank and Tenure Committee
    2. Department Chairs,Division Heads, or Library Administrative Heads
    3. Deans and the University Librarian
    4. The Committee on Faculty Relations
    5. The Dean of Academic Affairs
    6. The Committee on Faculty Euity and Grievances
    7. Faculty Hearing Committee

Faculty Regulations

  1. Faculty Rank: General Conditions of Appointment
    1. Full-Time Faculty
    2. University Library Faculty Members
    3. Washington Semester Program Faculty
    4. Visiting Faculty
    5. In-Residence Faculty
    6. Emeriti/ae Faculty
    7. Temporary Faculty
    8. Adjunct Faculty
    9. Research Faculty
    10. Faculty Fellows
    11. Administrative Officers and Staff Members with Faculty Rank
    12. Affiliate Faculty
  1. Qualifications for Specific Ranks
    1. Assistant Librarian
    2. Associate Librarian
    3. Librarian
    4. Adjunct Faculty Ranks
  1. General Criteria Used in Evaluation of Faculty Members
    1. Educational and Professional Background
    2. Effective in Fulfilling Primary Responsibilities
    3. Creative, Scholarly, and Professional Development
    4. Contribution to the University
  1. Special Provisions and Procedures for Appointment, Reappointment, and Other Faculty Actions
    1. Terms of Service
    2. Reappointment
    3. Promotion in Rank
    4. Designation of Special Titles other than Regular Faculty Ranks
    5. Documentary Support for Faculty Personnel Actions: Rights and Responsibilities of Faculty
    6. Right of a Current or Prospective Faculty Member to be Informed of Personnel Action Recommendations
    7. Schedule of Notice for Appointment or Termination
    8. Candidates who are not US Citizens or Permanent Residents
    9. Faculty Action Procedures for Adjunct Faculty
    10. Resignations
  1. Appointment with Tenure
    1. In General
    2. Eligibility for Tenure
      1. Minimum Rank
      2. Years of Service:Full-Time Faculty
      3. Waiver of Prior Service
    1. Leaves and Accurued Time for Tenured
    2. Prohibition Againt a Concurrent Tenured or Full-Time Appointment at Another Higher Education Institution
  1. Professional Obligations
    1. Teaching or Primary Responsibilities
    2. Overload Teaching or Library Service
  1. Voting Faculty
  1. Leaves of Absence
    1. Justification for Leave
    2. Limitations and Conditions
    3. Types of Leave
      1. Leave without Pay
      2. Research Leave
      3. Sabbatical Leave
      4. Annual Leave
      5. Sick Leave
      6. Family and Medical Leave
      7. Terminal Leave
  1. Retirement
  1. Faculty Grievances
    1. Scope
    2. Timeline
    3. Informal Resolution
    4. Handling of Grievances by the Committee on Faculty Equity and Grievances
      1. Filing of Grievance
      2. Hearing Process
  1. Appeal Procedures for Recommendations or Final Action involving Non- Renewal, Non- Promotion or Denial of Tenure for Tenure Track Appointments
  1. Disciplinary Procedures
    1. Scope
    2. Concurrent Grievance Proceeding
    3. Timeline
    4. Informal Procedures
    5. Procedures for Hearings Before the Faculty Hearing Committee for Termination with Cause and Other Major Sanctions
      1. Filing of Statement of Charges
      2. Hearing Panel
    1. Appeal Process for Dismissal Actions
    2. Procedures for Imposition of Sanctions other than Dismissal
    3. Terminal Salary or Notice
  1. Termination for Reasons of Financial Exigency
    1. Procedures for Determination of Financial Exigency
    2. Financial Exigency Terminal Review Procedures
    3. Appeal
    4. Terminal Salary or Notice
    5. Reinstatement Rights
  1. Professional Standards
    1. Employment of Relatives
    2. Outside Professional Activities
    3. Use of University Facilities
    4. Sexual Harassment Policy
    5. Violations of Scholarly and Research Integrity
  1. Miscellaneous Provisions
    1. Graduate Study by Faculty
    2. Summer Session Teaching Opportunities
    3. Death while on Active Service

Exterior of Bender Library on AU's main campus
Photo by Jeff Watts