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Vice Provost for Academic Administration
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Ettle, Violeta T.
Vice Provost for Academic Administration

Vice Provost for Academic Administration
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April 2, 2012

 TO:  American University Community
 FROM:  Violeta T. Ettle, Vice Provost for Academic Administration
 SUBJECT:  Veterans Student Services Administrator


I am pleased to announce that effective May 1, 2012, Valerie Verra will move into a newly created full time position dedicated to the management and coordination of student veterans' educational benefit services. Housed in AU Central, the Veterans Student Services Administrator will be responsible for the oversight of the Veterans Educational Benefits Program and will serve as the university's Veterans Certifying Official. In this role Valerie will serve as the main liaison between American University and the US Department of Veterans Affairs. She will continue to work collaboratively with other campus units to ensure timely and accurate payment of benefits to our veteran students.

Valerie has been providing these services to our student veterans since AU Central opened in July 2010 as part of her Associate Director responsibilities. Since then, the number of student veterans has significantly increased, new benefit programs have been added, and new reporting and compliance regulations have been imposed on certifying officials. Creating this new position will allow Valerie to focus her time and attention to serving the complex needs of this student population. Those of you who have worked with Valerie know of her dedication, professionalism, and knowledge of VA policies and how they coordinate with AU's policies and procedures.

We ask for your support and cooperation as we transition Valerie into this new position within AU Central. Her contact information: Phone (202) 885-8012; Email: