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Academic Administration | Vice Provost's Welcome


Vice Provost for Academic Administration
Fax: 202-885-2173
Leonard Hall, Room Lower Level

Ettle, Violeta T.
Vice Provost for Academic Administration

Vice Provost for Academic Administration
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016
Vi Ettle

Photo by Jeff Watts

Welcome to the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Administration. The Vice Provost reports to the Provost, and supports the initiatives and strategic plan of American University by ensuring the vitality of the Academic Affairs division through directing and strengthening the administrative services of the University.

The Vice Provost for Academic Administration provides advice and technical assistance to unit budget managers in the preparation of the Academic Affairs annual budget and evaluates units' financial performance at specific points during the fiscal year. This office oversees budgetary activities throughout the year, reviews and approves new program and Instructional Revenue Center (IRC) budgets, and manages the two-year budget cycle process for the Academic Affairs division.

The office works with Academic Affairs units to resolve staff personnel issues, and makes recommendations regarding unit reorganizations following University guidelines. In addition the office facilitates Human Resource functions including Performance Management Planning, position funding, and managing the annual staff merit process for the Academic Affairs division.

The Vice Provost manages the Information Technology Portfolio for the Academic Affairs division. In coordination with academic units and other University offices, the Vice Provost sets priorities for web and technology projects each academic year in support of the Provost and the units that report to him. Working with various stakeholders and project teams, the office of the Vice Provost anticipates institutional needs, analyzes resource allocation and availability, and identifies business process improvements that might be implemented to better serve the University’s constituencies.

The Vice Provost supervises the operations of the Office of the Registrar, which serves as the custodian of all University academic records. The Office of the Registrar includes Student Records Services, which is responsible for registration, academic records, degree audit, graduation, transcripts, and other student and alumni needs. In addition the Office of the Registrar provides Academic Services to the academic units and the faculty, including scheduling of classes and classrooms, curriculum development, catalog production, and other activities supporting the academic units.

The Vice Provost oversees AU Central, which brings together in a centralized location many of the student services provided by the Offices of the Registrar, Financial Aid and Student Accounts. AU Central’s cross-trained student services counselors are available to speak with students or respond to emails regarding financial aid, billing, and registration related questions.

The Vice Provost for Academic Administration provides direction for the Summer Sessions and the Online Learning programs of American University. This office coordinates online course development proposal review and approval, as well as marketing efforts to promote these offerings to AU students and the wider student population (pre-college and visiting students).

The Vice Provost for Academic Administration ensures compliance by Academic Affairs units with the University’s administrative policies regarding international travel, emergency management and planning, audits, academic and educational services agreements.

Thank you for your interest in American University. Please contact my office if we can be of assistance to you.

Violeta T. Ettle
Vice Provost for Academic Adminstration

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