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Office of the Provost | Communications

August 14, 2012

 TO:  American University Community
 FROM:  Scott A. Bass, Provost
 SUBJECT:  New Graduate Academic Regulations

I am pleased to announce that new Graduate Academic Regulations have been developed and will be implemented in Fall 2012.

The new regulations reflect national best practices in policies that are significant to achieving a strong academic environment and strengthening the graduate student experience. As a document, the new regulations are succinct and can be navigated much easier than in the past.

A community-wide, inclusive process established by the university’s strategic planning processes created the framework for revising the Graduate Academic Regulations. Led by the Faculty Senate, faculty, staff, and students were involved throughout this process, which concluded in May 2012. In order to prepare for implementation of the regulations, a training program involving university administrators, the Registrar’s office, academic advisors, and staff is currently underway. A parallel technological development effort to ensure a smooth transition for our continuing and new graduate students has been underway for nearly a year involving the Office of Information Technology (OIT), the Office of the Registrar and members of the Academic Affairs staff. Preparation for the implementation of the Graduate Regulations has required countless hours of systems reprogramming for which I am greatly appreciative.

I also want to extend my appreciation to the Faculty Senate along with all of the faculty, students, and staff who worked together to create regulations that will help American University continue its upward trajectory as a leader in providing an unsurpassed graduate academic education.

I encourage you to view the Graduate Academic Regulations, which are available at