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Bass, Scott A.

Office of the Provost
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February 6, 2012

Dear Adjunct Colleague:

The election to determine whether you will be represented by the Service Employees International Union is nearing its close. On February 16th, votes from those adjuncts in the potential bargaining unit will be counted. This, therefore, will be the last communication from me urging you to vote.

The election is a lawful process set up by the National Labor Relations Board. The university has followed the law precisely and shared information in a fair, open and transparent manner with you. As you may have noticed, we have taken strides to keep you informed without crossing the lines of personal intrusion. For those of you who have written to us about the union’s phone calls or visits to your home or classroom, we hope that you understand that those efforts did not originate with the university or its administration.

A robust and civil exchange of views among colleagues must be preserved. Some of your colleagues wanted to share their views with all of the university’s adjunct professors, so the University created a place to do so on the website, If you would like to share your view, please send comments directly to With your permission, your comments will be posted for all adjunct professors to read, regardless of point of view, at the quick link entitled, “Unionization Voices.”

If you have already voted, thank you. If not, please keep in mind that regardless of whether you vote, you and your colleagues now and in the future will be affected by the outcome of this election—so please vote. It is critically important for you to complete your ballot, seal it, sign the outer envelope and return it by mail so that it will be counted on February 16th.


Scott A. Bass