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June 22, 2017

TO: American University Community
FROM: Scott A. Bass, Provost
SUBJECT: Christine BN Chin, Interim Dean-Designate, School of International Service

I am pleased to announce that Professor Christine BN Chin will serve as the interim dean of the School of International Service (SIS). As interim dean, she will be responsible for the school's overall management for the next year and will assist as SIS conducts a national search for a new dean.

Dr. Chin is an internationally renowned scholar of global migration studies whose work is cited across a wide range of disciplines. Her most recent book was nominated for and earned several book awards, including the Distinguished Book Award from the Political Economy of World Systems Section of the American Sociological Association and the Yale H. Ferguson Award from the International Studies Association-Northeast.

An alumna of AU, Dr. Chin joined the SIS faculty in 1996 and currently holds the rank of full professor in SIS. During her time at American University, she has served on multiple school and university-wide committees, such as the university's strategic planning and budget committees, Responsible Conduct of Research Committee, Faculty Board of the AU Honors program, SIS Governance Task Force, and SIS Faculty Actions Committee. She was most recently director of the SIS International Communication program.

In many ways, Dr. Chin is the ideal candidate at this moment in time. As a longstanding member of the community who is intimately familiar with SIS's programs and the school's operations, she is well-prepared to step into the role of interim dean. Dr. Chin also has a track record of steadfast commitment to diversity and inclusion at the institutional and individual levels, as well as a consistent record of mentoring students.

At the conclusion of this one-year, interim dean appointment, Dr. Chin will resume her position as Executive Director of the Center for Teaching, Research, and Learning (CTRL). I am most appreciative of her willingness to set aside her duties at CTRL in order to provide this leadership. She will continue her academic and administrative responsibilities until she assumes the interim position on August 9, 2017. In the meantime, Dean Goldgeier and Dr. Chin will begin planning for a smooth leadership transition in SIS. Please join me in thanking Interim Dean-Designate Chin.