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November 2, 2010

 TO:  Deans, Directors, Department Heads and Full-Time Staff
 FROM:  Scott A. Bass, Provost
 Donald L. Myers, CFO, Vice President and Treasurer
 SUBJECT:  Closing Between Christmas and New Year’s Beginning in 2011


For a number of years there has been sustained staff interest in having the University close between Christmas and New Year’s. A study was recently completed by university benefit consultants and they confirmed that five of eight local universities currently close between those holidays. They also confirmed that the number of paid holidays, including variable holidays, that are provided to staff by AU are competitive with the other local schools, and that most schools that close between Christmas and New Year’s do not provide variable holidays.

Taking all of this into consideration, a decision has been made to alter AU’s holiday schedule. Beginning in 2011, the University will close between Christmas and New Year’s. Below you will find the new closing schedule:

If Christmas falls on a: University Closing
 Sunday  Dec 23 - Jan 1
 Monday  Dec 23 - Jan 1
 Tuesday  Dec 24 - Jan 1
 Wednesday  Dec 24 - Jan 1
 Thursday  Dec 24 - Jan 2
 Friday  Dec 24 - Jan 3
 Saturday  Dec 24 - Jan 2

To accomplish this schedule the University will convert the current variable holidays to regular holidays and will allocate an additional paid holiday in most years where it is needed. This will increase the total number of paid holidays from 12 to 13 in most years, and up to 14 in years with a Presidential inauguration. Beginning in May 2011, the University will no longer award variable holidays to staff.

We ask that the department heads responsible for critical business functions such as public safety, boiler room, payroll and development offices develop operating and staffing plans for this period. Also it is the University’s expectation that managers will respect staffs’ use of annual leave for religious holidays.

Please contact the Human Resources on extension 2591 if you have any questions.