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November 22, 2010

 TO:  American University Faculty & Staff
 FROM:  Scott A. Bass, Provost
 Don Myers, CFO, Vice President and Treasurer
 SUBJECT:  Code of Business Ethics


The attached Code of Business Ethics is meant to be a living document that best reflects the culture and values of American University. It describes standards of conduct and integrity that are consistent with our vision and mission.

The American University Code of Business Ethics is intended to guide faculty and staff in identifying and resolving issues of ethical conduct that may arise in the course of their various transactions and relationships with each other and the wider community. This Code supplements but does not supersede the rights and obligations of faculty and staff under the law or those defined in formal University policies and procedures.

It is not the purpose of the Code of Business Ethics to address every situation, but merely to make each faculty and staff member aware of the general scope and application of business ethics in an institution of higher learning. Each faculty or staff member can and should make basic ethical decisions, and can and should consult with his or her dean, director or unit/department head on difficult or questionable decisions. Each faculty or staff member should feel free to contact the Executive Director of Human Resources or the Interim Sr. Vice Provost and Dean of Academic Affairs directly to discuss any situation about which there could be differences of opinion or legitimate exceptions to the guidelines contained in the Code.

It is an underlying principle of the University that all of its transactions are conducted with the highest degree of integrity and honesty. This is a responsibility that we share and a duty we owe each other.

Code of Business Ethics