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Online Learning / Distance Education Course Development Grants
Summer 2012

Two categories of course development grants will be provided by the office of the Vice Provost for Academic Administration to develop for credit undergraduate and graduate courses for online asynchronous delivery during the Summer 2012.

Category A:

The following guidelines apply to all interested faculty members who have not previously received an online course development grant:


A course development grant of $2500 per course / faculty member will be provided by the office of the Vice Provost for Academic Administration in support of faculty time and effort to develop for credit undergraduate and graduate courses to be delivered online asynchronously in Summer 2012.


  1. All interested faculty may submit a grant proposal (category “A”) to their respective school dean for approval. All proposals must include a brief description of the proposed course and the goals and purposes of the course. All proposals must contain a significant innovation in pedagogy that fully utilizes asynchronous technology and other technology enhancements while promoting student learning, student interest and interaction in a virtual setting. In addition, the proposal should describe the desired learning outcomes and ways these will be assessed.
  2. All deans may recommend the faculty member(s) and course(s) they propose to develop for summer 2012 offering. It is recommended that courses be in the 2XX, 3XX, 4XX, 5XX or 6XX level in the standard 3-credit hour module and designed for delivery in an accelerated seven week format. The selected course(s) should come from the existing curriculum; however, new courses may also be developed for online learning delivery, subject to the approval of the appropriate dean. Courses proposed for General Education credit must first be submitted to the General Education Program office for review and approval, and then forwarded to the Vice Provost for Academic Administration’s office.
  3. Approved proposals with Deans’ approvals and recommendations must be received in the Vice Provost’s Office by Friday, November 4, 2011 via email to

    Selected proposals for this grant will be announced to the faculty on or before Friday, November 18, 2011.

  4. Faculty members receiving this grant must attend and complete the course development, design and delivery tutorial to be conducted online using Blackboard through the Center for Teaching, Research and Learning (CTRL) during Spring 2012. They must also agree to teach the approved online course during Summer 2012 in accordance with the university’s summer schedule. Teaching compensation will be paid in accordance with current university policy for summer teaching of a standard 3-credit hour course.
  5. An abstract or brief course description and course dates must be provided to Vi Ettle, Vice Provost, for inclusion in Summer 2012 publications and website. During Summer 2012, online classes may be scheduled for either the first seven week session of May 14 through June 28, or the second seven week session of July 2 through August 16. In addition, faculty should provide this same information to their respective dean/associate dean for submission of paperwork to the Registrar’s office for inclusion in the Schedule of Classes.
  6. Payment of the courses development grant will be made to faculty as follows: of the first 50% payment of $1250 will be made upon completion of course development and design as certified by CTRL, by May 2012 payroll; the balance of $1250 will be paid after the first week of the Summer 2012 class, generally, the first summer payroll. Payments will not be made for incomplete courses not ready for delivery AND/OR if faculty member fails to satisfactorily complete the tutorial program. CTRL will certify the faculty’s satisfactory completion of the tutorial program. The second 50% payment will not be made if the course is cancelled because minimum enrollment required for the course (10 students) is not met.

Category B:

The following guidelines apply to all faculty who had already received an online course development grant in prior years.

  1. Faculty who have received an outline course development grant in prior years and interested in developing a new course for online delivery during the summer may submit an online course proposal (category “B”) to their respective school dean for approval as described above.
  2. All new course proposals will need to be certified for completeness and readiness by CTRL even though the faculty does not need to attend the course development tutorial. Faculty can work with CTRL staff as needed on a one-on-one basis to develop the course and necessary tools.
  3. Upon certification by CTRL, an honorarium of $500 per new course proposal will be paid to faculty in this category by May 2012 payroll.

All online courses developed under this project will be budgeted within an Instructional Revenue Center (IRC) account where all expenses will be charged, including instruction, training, marketing, and class materials. The cost of teaching assistants will be provided to support distance learning faculty for each course with enrollment that exceeds 13 students. Maximum T/A hours covered will be 10 hours per week at $15 per hour for the duration of the Online summer course.

Any questions, please contact Vi Ettle at extension 2720 or