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Office of the Provost | Communications

September 1, 2011

 TO:  AU Faculty & Staff
 FROM:  Scott A. Bass, Provost
 Jim Girard, Chair, Faculty Senate
 SUBJECT:  Call for Nominations to Serve on the Dean of School of Public Affairs & Dean of School of Communication Search Committees


This memorandum is a call for nominations to serve on the search committees for the Dean of the School of Public Affairs and the Dean of the School of Communication.

Faculty and staff across campus are encouraged to nominate faculty to serve on the deans’ search committees. Nominations should be submitted to the Faculty Senate at before noon on September 12, 2011. Please identify the school for which the nomination is to be considered (i.e. SPA or SOC). Only faculty who are willing and able to serve should be nominated. Self-nominations are accepted.

Process for Establishing the Search Committees

At the end of last academic year, the Faculty Senate approved a policy for the development of search committees should a vacancy occur in a deanship. Because implementation of this policy began at the end of last academic year, the senate approved interim procedures outlined below. Now that two deans will complete their final year and return to the faculty, we will follow this process to construct the search committees.

In May 2011, each school and college campus-wide was asked to identify three faculty members who would be able to serve on an academic dean search committee if needed. SOC and SPA submitted the names of three faculty members for this purpose. These faculty are guaranteed membership on the search committees and will also play a role in the final selection of other committee members.

In order to determine the size and structure of the search committee and the expectations for the new deans, the provost will meet with the SPA and SOC faculty in separate meetings on September 7. For schools like SOC and SPA, faculty from each department or equivalent bodies are typically represented on a search committee, along with a staff member, two students (one undergraduate and one graduate), and a dean from another school or college. Faculty representation on the search committee is customarily weighed toward tenured faculty. A member of the school or college advisory board may also serve, but the final decision on size and membership is in consultation with the faculty.

Once the nominations from the AU community are received, the provost, the chair of the Faculty Senate, and the three previously identified faculty members from each school will review the nominations and select the remaining search committee members. The senate has oversight of the committee selection process to ensure that attention is given to different constituencies and diversity, especially race and gender representation. However, the final decision on search committee membership and on the selection of the senior administrator rests with the provost.