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Bass, Scott A.

Office of the Provost
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CB course community service project

"The research skills I learned will definitely be the most important thing for me in the future.  I hope that the strategies I learned of working with community partners, compromise, and analyzing data will be impactful not only for future AU courses, but also for my future career."

- 2014-2015 CBR Scholar

Examine relationship between communities and social issues.

Through their specifically designed community-based learning honors course, scholars will engage in off-site visits, community service learning projects, and interactions with leaders of community action agencies. Scholars will explore and be able to effectively communicate about how poverty influences family and community life, the impact of culture on communication, and how social issues affect local communities in the D.C. metro area. Scholars' fall experiences will lead to a spring research course that will be designed to develop foundational research skills and pursue an interdisciplinary research project that results in a high-impact contribution for a selected community agency.

Engagement with Community Partners

The CBRS program is a unique opportunity for scholars to engage with community partners by participating in guest speaker events, completing individual community service learning projects in their fall courses, and developing a large-scale group research project with one community partner in the spring.

Living with other students dedicated to community service and research

The residential community of the CBRS program creates an environment in which students can more easily build relationships with other talented students, share academic interests, and adjust to college life in D.C. together.

The Resident Assistant (RA) for CBRS students has been specially selected based on their interest and experience in community service and can serve as a mentor and a resource for students.