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Community-Based Research Scholars | Course Descriptions


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Bass, Scott A.

Office of the Provost
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CBL students

"I liked that we had the chance to go out into the community and see firsthand the people that our research was applying to, and later serving. I think this made it more personal and helped me to develop a sense of pride in my work.  It's really cool to be able to tell people outside of our program about the work that we do."

- 2014-2015 CBR Scholar

CBRS Fall Courses

In future semesters, students will have the opportunity to take additional CB designated courses. Examples of other CB courses are listed here.

SIS-140CB: Cross-Cultural Communication CB FA3

Instructor: Mirjana Morosini

Examines the impact of culture on communication, perception, thought patterns, values, and beliefs in order to better understand the behavior of individuals within different societies. Specific concerns include the dynamics of verbal and nonverbal communication; the relationship between dominant cultures and subcultures; ethnic, racial, class and other forms of diversity within countries and organizations; third-culture and multicultural persons; and the dynamics of cross-cultural adjustment.

AMST-240CB: Poverty and Culture CB FA4

Instructor: Mary Ellen Curtin

Students explore and debate rival theories about the causes and consequences of poverty. Why poverty occurs, why certain people are poor, how poverty influences family and community life, and how the poor respond to their situation and sometimes try to change it.