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Meet New Computer Science Professor Joshua McCoy

Joshua McCoy

Joshua McCoy is a new assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science.

PhD and MS computer science, University of California—Santa Cruz
BA computer science and sociology/anthropology, Earlham College

Areas of research
New video game experiences through game technology, social science, artificial intelligence, and design


What initially sparked your interest in computer science/gaming?
"A life-long attraction to playable experiences ranging from video games to live action role playing left me with the curiosity to answer the question of 'what's next?' in video games. My interest in computer science and artificial intelligence is in how they offer expressive ways to author technology that uncovers new game experiences."


What honed your interest to your specific areas of research?
"Through experiencing the relatively weak ways in which areas like story-telling and social interactions are represented in video games, my research became focused in making those aspects of games more deeply playable. Consistent with my interests, this focus requires multi-disciplinary research and the creation of new technologies."


What brought you to AU?
"AU is a great school that is displaying real commitment to gaming as a discipline in its own right. As gaming is a new field, being faculty in gaming at AU affords the opportunity to be in a field as it is forming. This opportunity to be part of setting the agenda for gaming at AU while contributing to computer science is an exciting position!"


What are you hoping to accomplish at AU?
"I hope to help to turn AU into a leader in gaming, conduct interesting collaborative research, and create compelling playable experiences while providing an impactful education experience."