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Faculty Resources

The documents on this page are designed to help faculty meet the General Education program goals as they design and teach their courses. If there are other types of resources that you would like to see featured on this page, please let us know at


Guidance on preparing syllabi for General Education courses.


Did you know? The Library maintains an online archive of syllabi that members of the AU Community can review. We encourage faculty and departments to upload syllabi of General Education courses to the Library Syllabus Deposit.

Writing in General Education Courses

Professors Teresa Larkin (Physics) and Lacey Wootton (College Writing) share some insights on integrating writing into General Education courses.


New Faculty Orientation

So many choices

View the slides from the Fall 2014 General Education New Faculty Orientation.

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General Education Faculty Assistance Program (GEFAP)

The GEFAP program provides funds for faculty to enhance the course experience for students in General Education classes, for example through the use of student teaching assistants.


Wildcard courses

Wildcards are original, timely courses offered on a one-time basis, affording an opportunity to try out new ideas. New courses are often (but not always) offered as Wildcards as a prelude to proposal for a permanent place in the General Education Program.

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General Education Committee

Sophomore Seminars

The July 2010 Provost Task Force on General Education Report calls for the creation of inter-/multi-disciplinary Sophomore Seminars. Distinct from the more common "first semester" or "freshman seminar" topics model at many liberal arts and research universities, the Sophomore Seminar provides undergraduates with opportunities to integrate approaches and methods from two or more disciplines.