2014-15 Hart A Massey Fellowship Awardees


  • Vice Provost for Research & Dean of Graduate Studies
    Wisconsin (4200), Suite 230 Washington, DC 20016-8075

    Tubman, Jonathan G.
    Vice Provost for Research & Dean of Graduate Studies

Mailing Address

The following list of Masters’ students have been chosen from a select group of talented students who competed for the Academic Year 2014-2015 award.

School of International Service

Ellen Chambers (Peace and Conflict Resolution)

Dylan Kyle Kean (International Politics)

Alexandra Stein (International Affairs: Global Governance, Politics, and Security)

School of Public Affairs

Kristen Scott (Public Administration)

Kogod School of Business

Christopher Goldie (Sustainability Management)

Tom Shelly (Marketing)

Huai Yi (Veronica) Yow (Sustainability Management)




For more information about the Hart A. Massey Fellowship Program go to http://www.american.edu/provost/grad/internal-funding.cfm or contact Anita Brown at abrown@american.edu.