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Combined Bachelor's and Master's Program

Interview with Amanda Taylor, Associate (Higher Education), Hanover Research

BA Women's Studies 2015

MA, Marketing 2015

1)    How did you learn about combined degree option?
Learned about the program through a classroom visit. I was a Kogod marketing minor and someone, either from your office or Kogod master's program, came to a class session or talked about that option. I was a either a second semester sophomore or first semester junior. Was accepted into the program as a second semester junior. Before the visit, I did not think I could do a combined degree unless I was a Marketing undergrad major in Kogod. (Was women 's studies major in CAS)
2)    What is the impact of the combined degree on your career?
I stayed in the "school mindset" focused on papers and studying versus taking time off and having to get re-oriented. Liked my professors and the college atmosphere. In my current job, it helped me understand higher education and marketing.
3)    What advice would you give someone thinking about pursuing this program?
I gained the skills to do many things and expanded my experiences. My resume is much more interesting and well-rounded with the degrees in differing fields. I say pursue it if at all interested. You don't always know what you want as a freshman or sophomore; this encourages you to branch out into a very different field. I had more internships and experiential learning [during Master's studies] that helped determine my career path.
4)    What were the top factors in your decision to pursue this program?
It was a time-saver, money-saver, lifestyle/efficiency saver! I didn't have to worry about an entrance exam while taking a large class load. I had a high enough GPA  for acceptance without GRE/GMAT. I know of a few other people who decided to pursue this as well.
5)    Would you recommend this program to others?
Yes. It added another level to my experience and gave me a leg up into meaningful work early in my career. I have an additional year of experience and a degree that many others my age do not yet have. The marketing degree, as well as my women's studies degree made me an interesting and well-rounded job candidate.
Advice from Amanda for marketing purposes:
Emphasize that you can switch schools. I did not realize that I could have a degree in one field and have another degree in a completely different field. Encourage flexibility of program. Encourage students to define and pursue various interests while in the program. Also emphasize the fact that you will gain an additional year of experience over your peers and have a master's degree at the beginning of your career, rather than the middle of it.