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Graduate Studies | Graduate Program Directors

GPD Charge

The Graduate Program Directors (GPDs) from each graduate program are members of a campus-wide group that facilitates graduate student success by informing graduate students regarding departmental, college and institutional requirements related to graduate studies, as well as promoting best practices in graduate education. Each graduate program has a GPD who is a faculty or staff member with the responsibility for directing or coordinating graduate affairs for that program. The University’s group of GPDs includes directors of both Masters and Ph.D. Programs. The range of activities and policy issues with which the GPDs are involved is broad. However, this group also provides an informal forum where members can discuss contemporary trends in graduate education, policy changes and propose solutions to institutional challenges related to the conduct of graduate research and professional education. The group acts as a conduit to AU’s graduate student populations on such matters as:

  • Admissions
  • Nominations for AU Graduate Student Fellowships
  • Registration procedures
  • Verification of student enrollments
  • Assessing the needs of graduate programs and graduate students
  • Graduate mentoring resources
  • Policies regarding academic integrity and research misconduct
  • Development of professional development and creative activities, funding opportunities, scholarships
  • Academic regulations
  • Recruitment Strategies
  • Theses and dissertation preparation and submission


Program Graduate Program Director
College of Arts & Sciences
Anthropology Koenig, Dolores
Economics Winters, Paul
History Lohr, Eric
Behavior, Cognition, and Neuroscience Kearns, David
Clinical Psychology Weissbrod, Carol
School of International Service
International Relations Taylor, Matthew
School of Communication
Communication Studies Montgomery, Kathryn
School of Public Affairs
Political Science Matthew Wright
JLS Bennett, Dick
Public Administration Stazyk, Edmund
SPA PhD Programs Langbein, Laura
Washington College of Law
Doctor of Juridical Sci (SJD) Epperson, Lia


Program Graduate Program Director
College of Arts & Sciences
Public Anthropology Koenig, Dolores
Art History Langa, Helen
Studio Art Charlton, Zoe
Doud, Tim
Biology Connaughton, Vicki
Chemistry Girard, James
Computer Science Black, Michael
Economics Reynolds, Kara
Curriculum & Instruction Jacobs, Fred
Health Promotion Management Snelling, Stacey
International Training & Education Tesconi, Charles
Special Education: Learning Disabilities Belson, Sarah Irvine
Teaching Belson, Sarah Irvine
Environmental Science MacAvoy, Stephen
History Friedman, Max Paul
Spanish: Latin American Studies Serra, Ana
Writing Center Wozniak, Amy
Creative Writing Keplinger, David
Literature Sherman, Anita
Mathematics Casey, Stephen
Statistics Lu, Jun
Performing Arts: Arts Management Laughlin, Sherburne
Ethics, Peace, & Global Affairs Berry, Evan

Mertus, Julie

Philosophy Feder. Ellen
Psychology Carter, Michele
Sociology Young, Gay
Vidal-Ortiz, Salvadore
TESOL Rojer, Olga
Kogod School of Business
  Ferrante, Anne
School of International Service
U.S. Foreign Affairs Murray, Shoon
Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs  
Anthropology Koenig, Dolores
Global Environmental Policy Conca, Ken
International Communication (Int'l Media) Chin, Christine
International Development (Dev Mgmt) Hirschmann, David
International Peace & Conflict Resolution (EPGR) Fisher, Ron
International Politics/International Economic Relations Gutner, Tamar
Comparative and Regions Studies Lusane, Clarence
School of Public Affairs
Justice, Law & Society Bennett, Dick
Government Nelson, Candice
Public Administration Johnston, Jocelyn
Public Policy Jacknowitz, Alison
School of Communication
Film & Electronic Media Douglass, John
Film & Video Douglass, John
Producing for Film & Video - weekend Blair, Randall
Journalism & Public Affairs Olmsted, Jill
Interactive Journalism - weekend Eisman, Amy
Public Communication Steinhorn, Leonard
Public Communication - weekend Martinez, Dina

Dual Degrees

Program Graduate Program Director
International Media Rockwell, Rick (SOC)
Levinson, Nanette (SIS)
Political Communication Lynch, Dotty
WCL & Kogod
MA/MBA Ferrante, Anne
JD/MBA Ferrante, Anne