University Honors Program | Forms

  • These online forms are not a substitute for discussing your plans with your advisor. You should talk with your advisor and Departmental Honors Coordinator before submitting the form. A list of current Honors coordinators is available here (scroll to the bottom).
  • You must use your professor’s Domino Directory email address ([name], available here.
  • Only start the form once you are prepared to complete it. If you navigate away from the page, your information will not be saved.
  • Please read the forms thoroughly as each contains unique instructions.
  1. Supplement Form
  2. Independent Study Form
  3. Capstone Form
  4. Honors Self-Nomination Form

Supplement Forms

  • Standard Supplement Form (300-400-level classes and 400/600-level classes)
    This form is for students looking to convert a 300- or 400-level non-Honors course into one for Honors credit by adding an extra Honors component to the existing class requirements.
  • 500-Level Graduate Supplement Form (500+ level classes)
    This form is for students taking 500-level and above graduate courses. Students taking graduate courses who complete the graduate-level work and are evaluated as if they were graduate students can receive upper-level Honors credit for the classes by completing this form.
  • Honors Capstone Form
    This form is necessary for all students completing an Honors Capstone. It is used instead of Standard or Graduate Supplement Forms if a supplement is intended to be used as an Honors Capstone.
  • AU Abroad Supplements
    Students studying abroad who are interested in supplementing courses for Honors credit need to schedule an appointment with Honors staff to discuss their options.

Independent Study Forms

  • Registrar's Independent Study Form
    This Office of the Registrar form, in conjunction with the Honors Independent Study Form, will allow students to receive Honors credit for an independent study bearing the Honors Independent Study number, HNRS-490. Students should submit the completed Office of the Registrar’s Independent Study Form, directly to the Registrar to enroll in an independent study. The Honors Independent Study Form, with its required signatures, should be submitted to the University Honors Program office.
  • Honors Capstone Form
    If a student is using an independent study as the vehicle for completing his/her Honors Capstone, then the student must complete an Honors Capstone Form, instead of the Honors Independent Study Form.

Capstone Forms

  • Honors Capstone Form
    No Standard or Graduate Supplement Form is necessary even if a course supplement will be used as an Honors Capstone.
  • Registrar's Independent Study Form
    This form allows students to receive Honors credit for an independent study course bearing the Honors Independent Study number, HNRS-490 or HNRS-498. This form should be submitted directly to the Office of the Registrar to enroll in the independent study.
  • Capstone Research Grant Form
  • The Capstone Research Grant form is part of the regular Honors Capstone form. Those working on the Honors Capstone who are interested in applying for an Honors Capstone Research Grant up to $500 in support of their research should apply through the Honors Capstone form.
  • Honors Capstone Submission Form
    Honors Capstone projects are contained in a searchable database maintained by AU’s Bender Library. All Capstones submitted to Honors must include this form, which formalizes a student's decision about including his or her capstone in this Library database.

Honors Self-Nomination Form

  • Honors Self-Nomination Application
    AU students who are not currently in the Honors Program but would like to apply should use this form. Honors accepts applications by current AU students on a rolling basis.