University Honors Program | Get Involved

There are numerous ways to contribute to the Honors community. Here is a brief overview of a few ways Honors students can make a difference for their fellow Honors students.

  1. Be an Honors 101 mentor
  2. Serve on the Student Honors Board
  3. Be an Honors transfer student mentor
  4. Join a living-learning community
  5. Work as a student staff assistant in the Honors Center

Honors 101 Mentors

Being an Honors 101 mentor is a rewarding experience. Working with Honors 101 co-chairs and Honors staff, Honors 101 mentors are critical to the success of the semester-long orientation program for Honors freshmen. These upperclass Honors students help to create -- and run -- this important student mentoring program. Selection of mentors is by application.

Student Honors Board

Members of the Student Honors Board (SHB) represent Honors students, together serve as a liaison to the Honors Program Director and staff, and plan events, service projects and other activities for the entire Honors community to enjoy. SHB activities have included philanthropic events such as the Thanksgiving dinner and the variety show, social events such as the spring barbecue and the alumni-student networking reception, and community service initiatives such as a DC Central Kitchen volunteer day. SHB holds weekly meetings during the school year which are open to all Honors students. Selection of SHB members is by election, held each spring and fall semester.

Transfer Student Mentor

To help facilitate a transfer student's smooth transition to American University, the University Honors Program has launched a Transfer Mentor Program. It engages Honors transfer students who have already spent at least one semester at AU to act as mentors to incoming Honors transfer students. Through mentoring, these seasoned transfer students not only help their fellow Honors students, but also gain valuable mentorship experience in the process.

Honors Living-Learning Community

All incoming Honors freshmen have the opportunity to live on an Honors floor of an AU residence hall and become a part of an Honors living-learning community. Students who select this option enjoy the company of fellow Honors students and engage with resident assistants who are also members of the University Honors Program. This is a great way for an Honors student to connect with a community of spirited, ambitious and studious individuals dedicated to academics and a rich social life. Placement is done through AU's Housing and Dining Office.

Honors Student Staff Assistants

When you call the University Honors Program at 202-885-6194 or visit the Honors Center, you will probably be greeted by one of the outstanding student staff assistants who support Honors operations. In their role, these students gain valuable experience working alongside the Honors staff, while contributing an important student voice to Honors planning. Students serving in these positions have proven to be some of the most successful Honors students. Selection is by application, with priority given to students with Federal Work Study eligibility. Openings are announced by e-mail as they become available.