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2010 Human Rights Film Series

For the 2010 Human Rights Film Series, all films were shown at the American University Katzen Arts Center. All films were free and open to the public. 

For information on this years Human Rights Film Series, please see the current years link located to the left of the screen.

Image of Kenyan man walking across a flooded field.

Good Fortune

September 23, 2010

Is International aid actually making African poverty worse? Follow two Kenyans struggling to save their homes from foreign aid projects. Watch film trailer.

Speakers include:
- JEREMY LEVINE, Producer / Editor, Good Fortune
- ROBERT SICINA, Executive in Residence Kogod: International Business
- LANDON VAN SOEST, Director / Producer, Good Fortune

Image of Issa Sessay from Sierra Leone

War Don Don

October 7, 2010

Is Issa Sesay a war criminal, a peace negotiator or both? The question is on trial in the Sierra Leone's war crimes tribunal. Watch the film trailer.

Speakers include:
- REBECCA RICHMAN COHEN, Director / Producer, War Don Don
- JUAN MÉNDEZ, Visiting Professor of Law at American University

Image of Mexican man walking down jail hallway

Presumed Guilty

October 21, 2010

Can an innocent man go free in a corrupt system? Step inside the Mexican court and prison system. Watch the film trailer.

Speakers include:
- TODD EISENSTADT, Associate Professor at American University
- FRANCISCO QUINTANA, Deputy Program Director, Andean, North American and Caribbean

Image of man's face in rear view mirror

The Oath

October 28, 2010

A fateful meeting leads two men on a path to Osama bin Laden, Guantanamo, and the Supreme Court.  Law, faith and war collide. Watch the film trailer.

Speakers include:
- SHADI MOKHTARI, Professor at the School of International Service, American University
- LAURA POITRAS, Director / Producer / Cinematographer, The Oath
- RICK WILSON, Professor of Law at American University

Sponsors for the 2010 Human Rights Film Series:

WAMU 88.5
National Endowment for the Arts
AU College of Arts and Sciences
Kogod School of Business
AU School of Communication
AU School of International Service
AU School of Public Affairs
Washington College of Law
Center for Latin American and Latino Studies
Kay Spiritual Life Center
Middle East Studies
International Development Program Student Association
Society for Ethics, Peace and Global Affairs