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2012 Student Grant Winner

The 2012 winner of the Human Rights Film Series Student Grant competition is:

- Kady Buchanan, "Exile No More"

Congratulations to Kady! Thank you for sharing your work with our community and for using your filmmaking to raise awareness of such an important human rights issue.

Kidane Isaac speaks to other African refugees



Exile No More shares the story of African asylum seekers in Israel such as Kidane Isaac, a 24-year-old Eritrean who has lived in Israel for more than 6 years without any form of refugee status. The film follows his story as an African fleeing country after country, arriving in Israel, becoming a strong political leader, and inspiring his people to demand more. Just across the road, Shula Keshet, a veteran Israeli in South Tel Aviv is making impressive progress in her efforts to bring together conservative Israelis living with a completely new population in Israel: African refugees. These two storylines in Exile No More come together to represent an exiled people in their own community, making a real change in their government. Filmed over the period of eight months, the characters in this film represent the key political leaders, at a time when asylum seekers in Israel are facing a true crossroads. Key issues raised in the film, such as the government’s role in creating an even larger marginalized community, has parallels to the United States and to other countries around the world.


Kady Buchanan is working towards her MFA in documentary film at American University in Washington D.C. Kady has filmed in Israel, Costa Rica, India and the United States. While in D.C., Kady has focused her filmmaking on Jewish issues and political issues related to Israel. She has traveled to Israel 6 times in the past 4 years. Exile No More is her thesis film, currently in post-production. This is Kady’s second documentary she has made in Israel. She won first place at the Santa Barbara Jewish Film Festival for her short film, “Ostrog: A Sofer’s Tale,” and the “Take Action, Hollywood!” Award at the Emerson College LA Film Festival for her film, “Central Square.”