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Welcome to MAP-Works!

We are delighted that you have joined us in this exciting initiative designed to help our students realize their educational goals and persist towards graduation. MAP-Works has increased significantly since it first launched in 2011, to now include all new first-year students, transfer students, and continuing sophomore students.

By expanding the program's reach from about 1900 students in 2011 to over 3500 in 2014, we are able to provide students, staff and faculty invaluable information regarding the important transitions students experience through college.  

The following reference manual has been designed to give approved staff members easy access to a variety of tools and capabilities within MAP-Works. Please feel free to contact the Office of Undergraduate Studies should you have questions. We can be reached at (202) 885-2240 or by email at

MAP-Works Reference Manual

 Getting Started

Locating and Managing your Students

Contacting Students

  • Email a single student

  • Send an email to many students

Logging Notes and Contacts in MAP-Works

  • Difference between logging contacts and notes

  • How to add notes and log contacts

Data and Reporting

  • Locate the MAP-Works survey and questions

  • Determine survey response rates

  • Create global and survey filters

  • Review responses to specific questions

  • Use survey to target-market for events

  • Run a customized survey report

 MAP-Works for Student Staff