Using Your Results

Accessing Your Personalized Report Is Easy

One of the most powerful ways to achieve success in college is to develop a thorough understanding of your academic and social transition to a new university. MAP-Works helps by allowing you to self-assess your performance across of multitude of factors we know leads to success.

To access your MAP-Works Report:

  1. Click here to log-in to your myAU portal.
  2. For the Fall Transition Survey, click “Printable Report”.
  3. Download and save your report.

Using the Report to Help You Succeed at AU

Remember when reviewing your report: 

MAP-Works will identify issues that may surprise or confuse you.

Resist the urge to dismiss results that seem to conflict with your expectations. MAP-Works only analyzes what you actually entered into the system yourself.

Remember, your AU experience is very complex and unique.

No one knows your AU experience better than you. However, MAP-Works can be the catalyst you need to think critically about your success at AU and to connect to the staff and resources here to help you.

Contact your on-campus partners about MAP-Works.

We are here to help you understand and make the most of MAP-Works. Feel free to contact any of the Direct Connects on your report to talk about your success.