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Consultants are hired to provide essential services unavailable from existing project personnel. The principal investigator must discuss all proposed consultant agreements in advance with his or her OSP liaison. In order to hire a consultant, the principal investigator should provide in writing to OSP: (1) The scope of work to be performed by the consultant; (2) the consultant's resume; (3) the consultant's address and Social Security number; (4) the rate of pay; and (5) the duration of the agreement. See the checklist for consultant agreements below.

Generally, consultant agreements are prepared by OSP in advance of the work being performed and require the consultant's signature. A disbursement request is utilized to effect consultant payments. When completed and approved by the principal investigator, the disbursement request, consultant invoice and a copy of the consultant agreement are then forwarded to OSP.



Principal investigator's name and telephone number:

Name and telephone number of person to whom questions should be directed if other than the principal investigator:

Type of contract:

Consultant name (individual):_____

Subcontract (organization):_____

Grant or contract number to which agreement applies:

Period of performance:

Statement of work (should be detailed enough to measure progress):

Compensation terms (should include performance milestones if compensation is significant):

Additional clauses, when necessary:

Is this a "work made for hire" or are there copyright or intellectual property issues?:

Name of individual or organization:

Individual organization or address:

Telephone number:

Social Security number for individual:

Address to which agreement should be sent (if different from above):