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What exactly is a "Sponsored Program"?

A Sponsored Program is research, a project, or institute that is conducted or operates on external funding or funding from outside of the university in the form of a grant, contract, or cooperative agreement. A Sponsored Program involves expenditure of funds for an agreed upon scope of work and is governed by specific terms and conditions. Once the university has received the fully executed document that allows spending to take place, this document is referred to as an award.

What does the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) do?

The Office of Sponsored Programs offers a variety of services for faculty including:

  • resources for funding searches
  • budget & proposal development
  • award negotiation and acceptance
  • award administration

Who is my OSP contact?

The schools, colleges, and groups assigned to each OSP Staff member can be found by clicking the Who to Contact link located on the OSP homepage.

Do I have to work with OSP in order to apply for a grant?

Any program or project that requires a commitment to an outside organization from the university in order to accomplish the work should come through OSP. A commitment includes the use of faculty or staff time, university space, or university equipment.

What is the difference between OSP and the Office of Development?

OSP is responsible for the review and submission of external funding requests as well as the acceptance of external funding for all university based research, education, and technical assistance projects for which the sponsors mandate terms and conditions in return for their financial support. The Office of Development is responsible for charitable gifts to American University. Such gifts help fund a wide range of needs such as scholarships, endowed chairs, new facilities and other areas, including research, critical to the University's mission. Most contributions obtained by the Office of Development are in the form of gifts.

What is the difference between a "Grant" and a "Gift"?

American University has developed guidance on this question which may be found on the Office of the Controller's website.

Where is OSP located?

OSP is located at 4200 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Suite 300. The main entrance to the building is on Wisconsin Avenue; there is a side entrance to the building on Van Ness Street.

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