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OSP has developed an award management system to remind principal investigators of project closeout dates. In order to alert principal investigators to an upcoming project closeout date, the OSP liaison will send a notice asking that the principal investigator contact OSP with regard to the project status. Typically, the principal investigator would indicate the status as one of three:

  • Close as scheduled
  • Request a no-cost extension from the sponsor
  • Request continued or additional funding

If there are other matters affecting closeout or if the principal investigator needs guidance, they must be discussed before the official end date of the project. For an overview of closeout procedures, please see the checklist below.



1. No payroll charges are pending for substitutions or additional earnings

2. All payroll charges are recorded 

3. Full-time personnel hired on grants should be given:  

  • 30 days written notice about position termination, due to the cessation of the funding source  
  • information about the accrued leave policy usage on sponsored programs
4. Personnel termination paperwork should be filed with Human Resources

Consultants and Subcontractors

1. Ensure any reports or work products have been received from consultants and subcontractors

2. Verify that the reports or products are acceptable 

3. Ensure that final payments have been processed for consultants and subcontractors

Purchase Orders

1. Cancel any blanket purchase orders or encumbrances

2. Verify that each item for each purchase order has been received 

3. Verify that all invoices for purchase orders have been paid

Other Expenses

1. Verify that all internal expenses have been posted (printing, telecommunications, copying, etc.)

2. Verify that all reimbursements and disbursement requests are recorded before the grant end date

Records and Reports

1. Ensure Records Retention compliance 

2. Send OSP a copy of the final technical report 

3. Confirm that any additional required reports have been submitted

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