OSP | Technical and Financial Reports

Technical Reports

Most sponsored projects require both interim reports and a final report. Unlike unrestricted gifts, the project sponsors expect to be informed of results. Failure to submit reports on a timely basis may affect adversely (1) the principal investigator's ability to receive further support from the sponsor, (2) other grants or prospective grants to the university from that sponsor, and (3) may result in a loss of payment for costs already incurred. To help avoid such potentially disastrous oversights, OSP has developed an award management reminder that will inform principal investigators of due dates for technical reports and project close-outs by listing these important dates on the front page of the project brief.

Principal investigators are required to send copies of all technical reports to their deans' offices or executive unit head, as well as to the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Recently some agencies, including the Department of Education and the Department of Justice, have developed electronic submission procedures for technical reports that require certification by the institutional official. In order to provide the certification to the agency, the principal investigator must route the report to the dean of the school or college. After review and signature by the dean, the report will be routed to the institutional official who will review it and authorize the electronic submission.

Financial Reports

Financial reports, when required by a sponsor, are prepared by the Office of Accounting. Accounting uses the guidelines supplied by the sponsor to complete such reports. Completion of financial reports is done according to the schedule supplied by the sponsor.

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