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In August of 2015 (FY 2016), the Office of Sponsored Programs recorded the following grants for American University researchers.

PI:  David Haaga
College of Arts and Sciences - Psychology
Title:  Looming Vulnerability and Smoking Cessation Attempts
Sponsor: National Institutes of Health
Funds: $321,750.00

PI:  Paul Winters

College of Arts and Sciences - Economics,

Title: The Food Insecurity Experience Scale and Regional Correlates of Food Insecurity in Latin America

Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture

Funds:  $25,000.00

PI: Demetrios Poulios

College of Arts and Sciences - Physics

Title: Laser, Fiber Optics, and Optical Technology

Sponsor:  National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Funds:  $50,000.00

PI:  Tessa Telly

Office of Campus Life

Title: American University Alcohol Abuse Prevention Initiative

Sponsor: National Collegiate Athletic Association

Funds: $30,000.00

PI:  Tara Boyle

WAMU - 88.5

Title:  Reporting on Programs for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Sponsor: Solutions Jouranlism Network

Funds: $10,000.00

PI: Mohammed Abu-Nimer

School of International Service - International Peace and Conflict Resolution

Title:  KAICIID Senior Fellowship 2015

Sponsor: King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (KAICIID)

Funds: $83,053.00

PI: Sharon Weiner

School of International Service - Dean's Office

Title: The Political Economy of Fissile Materials

Sponsor: The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Funds:  $138,200.00

PI: James Goldgeier

School of International Service - Dean's Office

Title: Ntrepid Grant Sponsorship

Sponsor:  Ntrepid Corporation

Funds: $29,830.00

PI: Miles Kahler

School of International Service - U.S. Foreign Policy

Title: Emerging Economies and Global Governance

Sponsor: Council on Foreign Relations

Funds: $91,080.00

PI: Diane Singerman

School of Public Affairs - Government

Title: Tadamun: The Cairo Urban Solidarity Initiative

Sponsor:  Ford Foundation

Funds: $350,000.00

PI: Sean Fiil-Flynn

Washington College of Law - Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property

Title: Participant Support for Global Congress

Sponsor: Institute of International Education

Funding Source: Ford Foundation

Funds:  $15,000.00

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