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In November 2014 (FY 2015), the Office of Sponsored Programs recorded the following grants for American University researchers.

PI: Carey Needham   

WAMU - 88.5   

Title: Arts &Culture Programs   

Sponsor: Bernstein Family Foundation   

Funds: $25,000.00

PI: Mark McDonald

WAMU - 88.5   

Title: American Democracy Programming   

Sponsor: Bernstein Family Foundation   

Funds: $10,000.00

PI:  Christopher Palmer   

School of Communication - Dean's Office   

Title: Eco-Comedy Film Competition   

Sponsor: The Nature Conservancy/Maryland Chapter   

Funds: $2,000.00

PI: Derek Hyra   

School of Public Affairs - Public Administration and Policy   

Title: SBA Research Contract   

Sponsor: National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders   

Funds: $18,500.00

PI: Seth Gershenson   

School of Public Affairs - Public Administration and Policy   

Title: AERA Conference Grant   

Sponsor:American Educational Research Association   

Funds: $24,685.00

PI: David Hunter   

Washington College of Law - International Legal Studies Program

Title: Chinese-Latin America Sustainable Investments Project   

Sponsor: Avina Americas   

Funds: $39,994.00

PI: Jamin Raskin   

Washington College of Law - Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project

Title: Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project   

Sponsor: Bernstein Family Foundation   

Funds: $22,934.00

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