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Student Evaluation of Courses and Teaching Effectiveness

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Instructor Skills
201   The instructor speaks clearly and can be heard without difficulty.
202   The instructor presents material at a reasonable pace—not too fast, not too slow—and is not repetitive.
203   The instructor makes good use of examples and illustrations.
204   The instructor stresses important points in lectures or discussions.
205   The instructor teaches near the class level.
206   The instructor presents material in an interesting way.
207   The instructor presents recent developments in the field to the class.
208   The instructor seems knowledgeable in many areas.
209   The instructor is enthusiastic.
210   The instructor seems to enjoy teaching.
211   The instructor is respected by the students in this class.
212   The instructor is skillful in observing and responding to students' reactions.
213   The instructor keeps the class's attention.
214   The instructor is not confused by unexpected questions.
215   The instructor is sensitive to student difficulty with course work.
216   The instructor encourages students to think independently.

221   The instructor has a good sense of humor.
222   The instructor is flexible.
223   The instructor maintains an atmosphere of good feeling in the class.
224   The instructor acknowledges all questions insofar as possible.
225   The instructor is tolerant of other viewpoints.
226   The instructor treats students with respect.
227   The instructor encourages constructive criticism.
228   The instructor gives attention to students in the course.
229   The instructor is willing to meet with and help students outside of class.

231   Students frequently volunteer their own opinions
232   One real strength of this course is the classroom discussion.
233   Students in this course are free to disagree and ask questions.
234   Class discussion is not dominated by a few vocal students.
235   The amount of time devoted to discussion in class is just about right.
236   Students in this course are encouraged to work together outside of class.
237   There are clear policies for how group projects should be carried out.
238   The classroom contributions of other students enhanced my learning.
239   The class size was about right, not too large and not too small.
240   The mix of students (undergraduate and graduate) enhanced my learning.
241   The mix of students (freshmen through seniors) enhanced my learning.
242   The presence of graduate students was constructive for my learning.
243   The presence of undergraduate students did not impede the achievement of my own, graduate-level goals.

245   The instructor suggests specific ways students can improve.
246   The instructor tells students when they have done particularly well.
247   The instructor keeps students informed of their progress.

251   The instructor follows the course plan presented in the syllabus.
252   The instructor seems well-prepared for each class.
253   The instructor follows a lecture outline closely.
254   The instructor makes student reports a valuable part of the course.
255   The instructor makes guest lectures a valuable addition to the course.
256   The instructor provides a variety of learning situations and materials.
257   The instructor uses class time productively.
258   The instructor was punctual—started and ended class on time.