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School, Major and Degree Codes

At the top of each semester's record appear the semester of attendance, the school in which the student was enrolled, the student's major or major code, and the student's degree objective. 

School Codes

CAS College of Arts and Sciences
KSB Kogod School of Business
SABD Study Abroad (non-American University)
SIS School of International Service
SOC School of Communication
SPA School of Public Affairs
WCL Washington College of Law
WSEM Washington Semester

B-AS Business, Arts and Sciences
B-PA Business, Public Affairs
CAJ Center for Administration of Justice
CPA College of Public Affairs
CPFM Center for Public Financial Management
CPIA College of Public and International Affairs
CTA Center for Technology and Administration
LC Learning Center
SBA School of Business Administration
SGPA School of Government and Public Administration
SJ School of Justice
SON School of Nursing


Other Codes

Major Codes are for transcripts of course work completed before 1990

Major Codes 0000 to 0169

Major Codes 0170 to 0312

Major Codes 0313 to 0506 

Major Codes 0507 to 01501 

Degree Codes

Certificate Codes