Office of the Registrar

Grading System (Fall 2012 forward)

              Grade Quality Points (QP)                 
  A (Excellent) 4.00  
  A- 3.67    
  B+ 3.33    
  B (Good) 3.00  
  B- 2.67    
  C+ 2.33    
  C (Satisfactory) 2.00  
  C- 1.67    
  D (Poor) 1.00  
  F  (Academic Fail) 0.00  
  FX (Administrative Fail in Course for Grade) 0.00    
  ZX (Administrative Fail in Pass/Fail Course) 0.00    
  FZ (Academic Fail in Pass/Fail Course) 0.00    


Academic Fail: Academic fail indicates the student’s continued enrollment in the course and he or she did not satisfy the Instructor’s summative requirements for passing the course.

Administrative Fail: Administrative fail is assigned by the instructor in lieu of a grade of F when a student never attended or ceased attending the class, rendering an assessment of academic performance impossible. Instructors will be asked to provide the last date of attendance.

Additional Posting Symbols for Grades in Courses

R = Follows grade entry indicating course has been repeated.

N = No grade or invalid grade submitted (assigned by the academic unit or appropriate administrative officer when an expected final grade has not been received before the grade posting deadline. The academic unit and the registrar are expected to secure an appropriate final grade within one semester).

IP = Course in progress