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Enrollment Certifications

To conveniently serve students, prospective employers, and other organizations that require degree and enrollment information, American University has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to act as its agent for confirmation of student and degree verification. 

Student Self-Service Site

For current students, the National Clearinghouse provides a self-service site to obtain an Enrollment Verification Certificate, view enrollment information on file, and view student loan deferment notifications.

To access the self-service site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

  • Go to the self-service site through this direct link on the portal, (portal login required) 

  • Click on "Enter the Student Clearinghouse" button

Note: The National Student Clearinghouse service is on a secure web site separate from the American University portal. When you click the button for the NSC, you will leave the myAU portal and enter the NSC web site.


For Alumni, to access the Student Clearinghouse directly (includes nominal fee):

Note: The clearinghouse is not able to process verifications requiring academic information (GPA). These requests must be processed directly through AU Central with a signed release from the student.

Other Clearinghouse Services:
  • Enrollment Verifications for Student-Based Service Providers - includes inquiries from health insurers, credit issuers, local parking permits, etc.
  • Degree Verifications - can be provided to employers, background search firms, and recruiters.
  • Student Loan Enrollment Verifications - provided at no charge since lenders and guarantors underwrite costs.



Students may obtain a letter of certification or verification of enrollment from AU Central. Requests must be in writing and should include: 

  • Name  
  • Student AU ID number 
  • Dates of attendance  
  • Specifically what you want the University to certify
  • Your signature (this is required to release the certification)
  • Complete address for where the letter of certification is to be sent

Please allow two to four business days for processing. Please allow additional time during grading periods and at the beginning of each academic year.

Ways to request a Letter of Certification:

  • Fax requests to (202) 885-1046

  • Visit AU Central at Asbury Room 201, and fill out the certification request form, available only at the office

  • Mail requests to: 

AU Central
4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Asbury 201
Washington, DC 20016-8077

Enrollment Verification Certificate FAQs

What is an enrollment verification certificate?

A certification is an official document that verifies student academic standing, attendance dates, degrees awarded, and anticipated graduation date.

Students may need an enrollment verification certificate to verify academic standing to another institution, loan deferments, DC parking permits, employment, or insurance companies.

What can be included in a certification letter?

Status (part-time or full-time)
Cumulative Credits
Degrees Awarded
Attendance dates
Start and end of semester dates
Academic Program
Anticipated graduation date

Is the Enrollment Verification Certificate different from a transcript?

Yes. An Enrollment Certification letter shows courses in which a student is currently enrolled and current student status, such as full-time or part-time. A transcript shows the coursework that has already been completed.


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