Office of the Registrar

Reading Course Numbers

Each course is designated by a Subject Code and a three-digit number. The Subject Code represents the teaching unit offering the course (e.g., ANTH-xxx Anthropology). The middle three numbers identify the level of the course as follows:

xx.000-xx.099 = no credit earned toward a degree
xx.100-xx.299 = undergraduate introductory or undergraduate foundation courses
xx.300-xx.499 = undergraduate upper-level or undergraduate advanced courses
xx.500-xx.599 = graduate courses that allow qualified, advanced undergraduates
xx.600-xx.799 = graduate courses to which undergraduate students usually are not admitted

A course section is indicated by three final digits:

ANTH-110 001 Culture: The Human Mirror FA3

ANTH = Teaching Unit Prefix
110 = Course Number
001 = Section Number
FA3 = General Education Foundational Area

Information on General Education areas for undergraduates admitted for Fall 1989 or after may be found at the General Education Program home page.

Course Number Prefix to Subject Code Conversion
    - This chart matches all subject codes and number prefixes to their corresponding teaching unit.